Bint Kahila
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Fotos 2000  Copyright by Erwin Escher

The very typey straight egyptian mare BINT KAHILA originate from a great combination
sired by AL KIDIR and the famous  KAHILA III .
Born in 1997 at the well known straight-egyptians-breeder Siegfried Kübe-Brigittenhof.

In infant foal age , the long-legged and extrem moving mare, came to Susanne + Axel Reiter  
and in 2000 next via Training-Center Frank Spönle to us.

Her pedigree and her appearance bring a fair number of egyptian focussed breeders
to wistfully reveries.

Her first foal  AL KHAYYAT  by  ALI VALENTINO 2001 was named Reserve-Foal-Champion 
at the international C-Show at Velgen.

April 14, 2003  she gave birth to the filly  PYRAMID LAHARA "K"  by the successful LAHEEB son:
AL LAHAB (out of THE VISION HG) a show horse with extrem type and motion. 


  • 2004, April 17.  we get a further foal out of this successfull breeding-combination.
    Breathtaking type, with long legs, beautifull topline, will get a grey stallion
    - without any marks:  PYRAMID LAYYAN "K"  one more premium foal from AL LAHAB.

  • 2005, March 20. 9.40 p.m. she arrived  PYRAMID NOUR EL NIL "K"

  • 2007, June 05. one more foal was born out of the combination with AL LAHAB
    who was named World-Champion at WHC Paris 2006. 
    It´s a filly and was named PYRAMID KAHILEH "K".

End of May 2009 PYRAMID RAISA EL NIL "K" a filly by MH RICHTER  was born. 

a colt by SHAGRAN AL NASSER born 2010, May 30. 
his second name is "Stretchy Boy" for action and high knee activity in his movement.